• Big Block Chevy Offenhauser 360 Alumium Intake BBC

    Big Block Chevy Offenhauser 360 Aluminum Intake Shipping will be figured by zip code and weight.

  • Offenhauser 360 5766 lntake Manifold Big Block Chevrolet

    Used Offenhauser 5766 Big Block Chevrolet Rectangular Port Intake Manifold Left front outer carburetor mounting bolt hole has been tapped to 3/8. Right inner carburetor mounting bolt hole is twisted off. Something was dropped on intake there is crack it needs to be repaired. Needs to be cleaned and bead blasted.

  • Offenhauser C Series Intake Manifold 6248CW Toyota 4-Cyl Fits Stock Heads

    Please hover mouse to enlarge image Offenhauser 6248CW Intake Manifold C-Series Aluminum

  • Offenhauser Offy Intake Hipo Ford Mustang HO Cougar Thunderbird F150 289 302 347

    Offenhauser Offy Intake Hipo Ford Mustang 289 302 347 This item is an offenhauser 360 degree 4bbl aluminum intake for a ford small block 260, 289, 302 or 5.0 engine. The intake was a trade in and is an extra. The intake is in excellent like new condition and only has some very light pitting at the water port and thermostat areas, none of which will ...  More

  • Offenhauser Carburetor Wedge Plate 5045-B


  • Offenhauser 360 aluminum Intake Vintage Unique for 361 383 400 lowblock motor

    Vintage Unique Offenhauser 360 aluminum intake for 361 383 400 lowblock motor This is a Vintage offenhauser 360 aluminum intake for a 361 383 or 400 lowblock motor or B engine. This intake is from the 1970's. These were very revolutionary intakes at the time to keep velocity up what offenhauser did was split the ports so the primaries go through th ...  More

  • Offenhauser #5766 BBC-SquarePort 360 Deg High-Rise Intake, 4150 Flange, 0-6000

  • Offenhauser Chevy 348/409 Dual-Quad 2x4's Intake Manifold+Carter AFB Carbs

  • Offy Offenhauser air intake for low hood clearance

  • Offenhauser 4 Barrel To 2 Barrel Carburetor Adapter 5413 Holley Motorcraft


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