• Chevy Vega Offenhauser Aluminum Intake Manifold 4 Barrel bbl 5998 dual port race

    Nice 4bbl intake for chevrolet vega 4 cylinder engines. $29 combined handling shipping tracking and insurance to the lower 48 states. Comes with everything you see in the pics.

  • NOS Offenhauser 360° Dual Quad Intake Manifold Olds 5587 or 5706

    new never used. see photos for part numbers as shown sold as is no returns make sure it fits your application. DISCLAIMER OR THE FINE PRINT. after 16 great years on ebay unfortunately I now have to add this after a whiney little idiot crybaby purchaser of a $4.99 model airplane with flat rate shipping decides to leave me poor feed back. I offered h ...  More

  • Offenhauser Tunnel Ram Top Small Chevy Ford Mopar 2x4 Turbo Thrust Offy Olds

    Old Offenhauser tunnel ram top dual quad. Fist most of there small block bases that use the D port design with mounting holes on 4 5/16 x 8 7/8 centers. Also may works on other bases. All threads are good.

  • 6257DP Offenhauser Dual Port Intake Manifold for 1981 - 1988 Jeep

    Brand New Offenhauser Dual Port Intake Manifold 6257 DP. Free Shipping!! Features a separate runner systems for the primaries and secondaries. At low-load, the primaries feed the fuel-air charge through the smaller bottom passages at near sonic speed, improving power and efficiency. When the secondaries open, their charge goes through the bigger, c ...  More

  • 413 426 440 Offenhauser Six Pack Intake Mopar

    Nostalgic offenhauser aluminum six barrel intake for a RB Mopar block. Great condition with no issues. Ready to put on. You don't ever see these come around. Free shipping. Paypal.

  • DALE DRAKE (offenhauser) 4 barrel carburetor spacer 3.160" hotrod ratrod vintage

    3.160" tall clearance holes on manifold side threaded holes on carburetor side would look great on a hotrod its in good shape just needs to be cleaned up

  • Toyota 22R Offenhauser "C" series manifold

  • Offenhauser AMC Aluminum 2x4 Dual Quad Intake Manifold 67-69 Offy

  • Offenhauser Big Block Chevy 348 / 409 6 x 2 Intake Stromberg

  • Offenhauser Oldsmobile 2x4 Intake Vintage Olds Dual Quad Aluminum Manifold Offy


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