• Offenhauser #5183 Dual Quad Intake Manifold - Oldsmobile - 1959-1964

    For Sale: Offenhauser #5183 Dual Quad intake manifold aluminum with square bores. It was mounted but never run. It is used on 1959 thru 1964 Oldsmobile's with 371 and 394 cubic inch motors. It has some light scratches on the mounting face. Very clean internal passages. Questions welcomed.

  • Offenhauser C Series Intake Manifold for 1981 - 1988 Jeep

    Offenhauser Dual Port Intake Manifold 6257 DP Fits 1981 - 1988 Jeep with AMC 258 (4.2L) inline 6 For Holley 4150/4160 Carbs. Holley #0-8007 (390 CFM) No modification necessary Holley #R6299 (390 CFM) Main Jet #50; Secondary Jet #50; Power Valve 125-65

  • Toyota 22R Offenhauser "C" series manifold

    Toyota 22R Offenhauser C Series manifold for use with Weber down draft carburetor. Offenhauser C Series intake manifolds fill the gap between stock and competition setups for 4 and 6-cylinder cars and pickups. They improve torque in the mid and upper ranges, with power bands that span from 2,500 rpm to more than 7,000 rpm. BUILD YOUR OWN KIT!! Purc ...  More

  • OFFENHAUSER Dual Port intake 6266DPW fits Toyota: 22R 1982-1990 for 32/36 WEBER

    Toyota 22R Offenhauser dual port manifold for use with Weber down draft carburetor. Dual Port gives your 22R the hefty performance improvements similar to the Toyota 20R engine. Comes with a spacer plate to ensure linkage clearance.

  • Offenhauser 3x2 Flathead Ford Alum. Intake Stromberg 97 Carbs Offy 3 Deuce

    Older Offenhauser 3x2 aluminum intake manifold for 42-48 Flathead Ford. Your getting it in as found condition, what you see in the pictures is everything I have for it. Nobody messed with the patina on it, great for that vintage rat rod look but a simple blasting would clean it up nicely. No port work, no cracked bosses, no visual welds or repairs. ...  More

  • Offenhauser Y Block Ford 3x2 Tripower Aluminum Intake Stromberg 97 Offy 312

    Old Offenhauser 3x2 aluminum intake manifold for Y Block Ford 312. Your getting it in as found condition, not a dealer worked over core or recent assembled. It's dirty & has patina but in solid shape. No port work, no coolant pitting, no busted or repaired ears. I do see a "dimple" on the underside rear center port runner, see pictures, which w ...  More

  • Offenhauser Dodge 315 / 325 2x4 Aluminum Intake Offy

  • Offenhauser Single 4 bbl. Ram Top S.B. Chevy Offy

  • Vintage Offenhauser Carburetor Adapter 2 Deuce to 4 bbl. Carb Stromberg Adapter

  • Offenhauser Cross Ram Adapters Offy


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