• Offenhauser Buick Nailhead 3 x 2 Tripower Intake 425 Offy

    Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge New Offenhauser 3 deuce aluminum intake manifold for Buick Nailhead 401-425. Unlike some Offy dealers that offer attractive low prices but almost never have it in stock, leaving you on back order for months or longer. I keep everything I list in st ...  More

  • Hemi 392 Chrysler 8x2 N.O.S. Offenhauser Log Intake Manifold 8 Deuse Offy

    N.O.S. "New Old Stock" Offenhauser 8x2 aluminum log style intake for Chrysler 392 Hemi. This is not a reproduction or new manufactured. Offy hasn't made this one or any of there 2 piece log style manifold in a long time & don't intend to anytime soon. It's drilled for 3 bolt Stromberg 97(or similar) but has the larger carb base that can be dril ...  More

  • Offenhauser Oldsmobile 3x2 Tripower Alum. Intake Carbs Linkage Offy Olds

    Old Oldsmobile 3x2 aluminum intake manifold 54-56. Your getting it in as found condition. The manifold is in good condition. No port work, no coolant pitting, no busted ears. There is a spot by the left front water port flange side that was rubbing agents metal in transport. It's minor enough not to cause any issues with sealing properly. It has pa ...  More

  • N.O.S. Offenhauser Olds Buick Rover Aluminum 215 Engine 2x2 Intake 2 Deuce Offy

    N.O.S. (new old stock) Offenhauser 2x2 for aluminum engine 215. I do not have it's original packaging & it was stored without it so it's a little dusty & some light handling scratches but never bolted on. Carb pads drilled for 2 small base GM Rochester 2 bbl.'s.

  • Offenhauser B.B. Olds 2x4 Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold Olds Holley 4 bbl. Carbs

    Older Offenhauser 2x4 tunnel ram aluminum intake manifold for big block Oldsmobile. It has patina, great for that vintage rat rod look but a simple blasting would make it look almost like newer again. It hasn't seen much use. No coolant pitting, no visible cracks, welds or repairs. It has 2 Holley miss match carbs rear list 3310-2 which I think is ...  More

  • Older Offenhauser 2x2 Flathead Ford Super Dual Intake Manifold Offy

    Older Offenhauser 2x2 aluminum intake manifold for 42-48 Flathead Ford. Your getting it in as found condition. It hasn't been worked over by a dealer & nobody messed with it's patina. It's in solid shape. I see no striped threads, no port work, generator mounts in good shape, no cracked bosses. Great rat rod piece but it would clean up nicely. ...  More

  • Offenhauser Big Block Oldsmobile 8x2 Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold B.B. Olds

  • Offenhauser 3x2 Flathead Ford Alum. Intake Stromberg 97 Carbs Offy 3 Deuce

  • Offenhauser Y Block Ford 3x2 Tripower Aluminum Intake Stromberg 97 Offy 312

  • Offenhauser Corvair Rochester Carb Adapters


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