• Rochester 7013029 1959 Chevy Truck 235 6cyl Carburetor

    This is a used Rochester one barrel carburetor. It fits a 1959 Chevy Truck 235, 6cyl. The throttle shafts move freely. The carburetor number is 7013029. It should be rebuilt before installing. I am selling this item as is. It must be paid for within 7 days. Thanks for looking and good luck on bidding......


    1 Barrel Rochester Carburetor B type, this carburetor came in GMC and Chevrolet trucks from the years 1950 to 1959 with the "235 ENGINE" LARGE BASE" Six cylinder engines. It features new gaskets including brand new float, new accelerator pump, needle and seat , di-chromate finished castings , yellow zinc plating on all linkages and hardware , chemi ...  More

  • chevy 235 6 cyl carburetors

    I have many of these YOU ARE BUYING ONLY ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!! please understand you are buying only ONE of these one carb has a part# 7022045 & on the base of it it has a #7025362 another carb is 70003538 & on the base 7022522 another carb 7004518C on the base 7004516 another carb is 7004497-C-27 & cannot read what the # is on the base ...  More

  • 1952 - 1957 235 6cyl. Rochester With hand choke

    Factory rebuilt Rochester hand choke carburetor for Chevy and GMC six cylinders with the 235 engine

  • 1950-1956 Chevy & GMC Remanufactured Rochester 1-barrel Carburetor "235 Eng"

    Untitled Document DESCRIPTION Pricing & Availability (626) 235-8836 SKU: 11-28E Year: 1950-1956 Trans: All Engine: 6 Cylinder Engine "235" Description: Completely remanufactured 1-barrel Rochester carburetor "235 Engine" Auto-Choke. For Chevrolet/GMC Cars. New mounting Gasket(s) included. Only $200.00 after core return Carburetor: $200 Core dep ...  More


    This is a NOS 1 barrel carb that has been factory rebuilt by the # 1 carb reconditioning company in the country (Champion Parts Rebuilder). All parts are there and each single component works smoothly. The cast iron base has #7003538. The bottom of the float bowl has #7004497. The top has no cast numbers but it does have some Rochester info and a C ...  More

  • NOS ROCHESTER CARBURETOR 1953-56 GM 235 Type BC 1BBL Auto Choke Synchro 7009911

  • 1964 Amc Rambler Carburetor Single Barrel 235 Engine

  • 1960-1962 Chevy & GMC Pick-Up Rochester 1-barrel Carburetor "235 Eng"

  • Rochester 1 brl BV carburetor yr.50-56 engine 235 with automatic choke


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